Is Your Swimming Pool Ready For Summer?

There is no better feeling on a hot summer's day than to be able to jump into a fresh and clean pool in your very own backyard. The only issue is that with summer fast approaching, many people still haven't cleaned their pools from the long winter break that it has had. A whole bunch of gunk can be right under the surface of your pool cover, and you probably haven't stocked up on your swimming pool supplies in a while either. Here are three different swimming pool supplies that you need to ensure that your pool is ready for summer

Filter Replacement

You are about to restart your pool after a long time lying dormant, and the main system that is going to be in charge of cleaning it all out is your filter, so you need to make sure you have backup cartridges. These cartridges might seem like they are used quite quickly for a while. but that is just them doing the heavy lifting after quite a lengthy period of time off. If you have a popular model of filter, it might be wise to get at least a three-month supply, as you never know how busy the pool supply store might be in the lead-up to summer.

Evening Out The Chemicals

Virtually all pools in Australia use chemicals to create a nice and safe environment, free from bacteria and invasive spores like algae. It is time to load up on calcium, chlorine and pool acid while there are still plentiful supplies in stock, and also make sure you get testing kits. When summer arrives, it can lead to an explosion of any hidden bacteria, so it is best to do this as soon as you possibly can to kill it off. 

Pool Vacuum Parts

If you notice that your pool vacuum is not doing as good a job as it should be, or it is taking a lot longer than usual, then there is probably some internal conflict going on with a wonky part. Luckily, most pool vacuums are like any machine in that they can be repaired without replacing the whole thing. It can be a bit tricky figuring out which part of the vacuum is broken, however, so you may need a professional diagnosis before heading to a swimming pool supply store. Just don't leave it too long, as these problems can build up and get worse if left alone.

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