Two Misconceptions About Robotic Pool Cleaners

Here are a couple of misconceptions about robotic pool cleaners.

They're no better than a manual pool skimmer

Many people with pools don't buy these pool cleaners because they're convinced that their trusty handheld skimmers are just as good. Whilst it might be true that a person using a skimmer in their dirty pool could clean it just as well as a robotic cleaner and that pool contractors use this tool all the time when doing maintenance work for their clients, the issue is that a person using this manual tool could take several hours to achieve what a robotic cleaner could in much less time.

Furthermore, if a person has a deep pool, using their skimmer to pick up the debris from the bottom of this area could be tiring and risky, as they would have to lay down beside the pool and stretch their skimmer downward to access this dirt. This could result in them falling in whilst stretching their tool deep into the water, or it might lead to the skimmer slipping out of their outstretched hand.

Likewise, if the wind pushes lots of leaves into the pool, the process of removing hundreds of these by hand would be far too much work for one person. As such, although skimmers are useful for picking up random small items that fall into a pool, they are not a replacement for a well-made robotic cleaner, which can efficiently clean a pool without its owner having to do any serious labour.

They're far more expensive than a cleaning service

Robotic pool cleaners are not cheap. Many people think that they're not worth their high price because this price tag is higher than, for example, the cost of a few months' worth of a contractor's cleaning services. In reality, because a robotic cleaner can last for a few years, its cost-per-use will, by the time its come to the end of its lifespan, usually work out to be lower than the cost of a contractor's pool-cleaning session.

Furthermore, these robotic cleaners can, when used every few days, save a pool-owner money by, for example, increasing their filter's longevity by ensuring that damaging debris like stones are collected before they can get into the filter and damage its parts. In short, although it's an expensive piece of pool equipment, the time it saves a pool owner, coupled with its long lifespan and ability to protect the filter, make it worthwhile.

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