Why Choose Glass for Your Home's Pool Fencing

Most residential areas will have building codes and requirements when it comes to the fencing installed around a pool, and these codes are the first thing you should check when you're ready to install a new fence around your home's pool. After you've become familiar with these local regulations, you might then note why glass pool fencing is a popular  choice for so many homeowners, and why it can be the right choice for surrounding your home's pool as well.

Protects the Pool From Floodwaters

Glass panels can be fitted so that they're flush with your pool's deck, or with the soil. This can provide a barricade around the pool, protecting it from any type of flooding or drainage issues. Floodwaters that make their way into the pool can contaminate the pool water, so that you may need to give the pool a shock or other treatment before you can swim; this means added costs for those chemicals, as well as downtime while you wait for them to work! Solid glass panels can help reduce this risk, blocking out floodwaters or water that results from improper drainage on your property.

Works Well With Any Landscaping

Trying to match your landscaping to the style of your pool and its surrounding deck can be a challenge, but adding a fence around that area while keeping everything coordinated and attractive can be even more difficult! A tall wood fence can overpower shorter flowers and clash with stone tile on the pool's decking, and a white picket fence might seem out of proportion next to landscaping trees or a fountain you have next to the pool. A glass fence is very neutral so that it works well with any landscaping, lighting features, fountains, tile, or other such features you have around the pool, blending into the background rather than clashing with any of those pieces.

Won't Conduct Electricity

While most residential pools need to be installed away from overhead power lines, a downed line can still reach the home's pool during a strong storm. If ever there are downed power lines around your property, a glass fence can help reduce the risk of shock, as it won't conduct electricity. Obviously it's still important to call the power company and ensure they handle any downed lines on your property, but having a glass fence installed can reduce any risk of shocks, which is important to consider if your property is under a large number of overhead power lines or your area is prone to strong storms.

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