Hot Tub Service Questions Before You Buy

When purchasing a hot tub, which pool contractor should you use, and what things are there to consider?

Hardly anything feels as relaxing as slipping into a hot tub. Whether it is after a long day of skiing or snowboarding on the mountain in the winter, nursing an old injury, or just soaking for a bit after a long day at work, a hot tub may just be the hydrotherapy you need. However, searching for a hot tub is accompanied with a lot of questions. How many people will be using it? Do you need it to be very spacious? Are the seats contoured properly to your body shape? What kind of ergonomic controls and lighting should you choose? The most important aspect is picking a pool contractor that can answer these questions with you, so you find exactly what you are looking for, in the right location, for the right price. With hundreds of companies at your disposal, how do you choose a contractor?

Have options

Each hot tub should be tailor-fit for your lifestyle, so picking a pool contractor that can help you find the right one is essential. Find a place that has a wide array of options and experts to help you find not only which kind of tub to get, but also appropriate placement for your tub, and cohesive look with your home. Pick a place that has featured homes on their website, and images of their work. Some contractors even have 3D technology to help you envision how your built-in or above-ground hot tub will look on your property.

Ensure your safety

Make sure whichever contractor you use is in line with the National Electrical Code. Hot tubs often have lighting and wiring that can get old or dated after a few years. Electrical problems in hot tubs can cause electrocution, over-heating, and sanitation related issues. Make sure you are using a provider that will do routine maintenance checks, and replace any faulty or hazardous electrical issues. These places should have a substantially discounted price for these services after your initial purchase.

Find a place that will be with you for the long haul 

After installation, many places fall out of sync with their customers. Be sure to inquire about ongoing memberships that promise diagnostics, repair, and removal and moving in their contracts. Make sure they have a good rating and ongoing history with their customers. Read reviews not only about installation, but the relationship with customers years later.

For more information, talk to a hot tub professional.

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