Need A New Pool Pump? More Horsepower Does Not Necessarily Mean Better

The only nuisance about purchasing a home with an existing pool is that you don't know the history of the pool equipment like the pump, so you never know when it is going to fail. As someone who has never had to purchase a new pool pump before, it is important you get it replaced as soon as possible before your pool resembles a black lagoon. First-time pool pump shoppers are often tempted to buy a higher horsepower pool pump to replace they already have, but this does not necessarily mean you are going to get better performance. Here are the three main points you need to know.

Pool Filter

The first reason why a bigger horsepower pump is not the wisest choice is because of the pool filter system you already have in place. Each pool filter has a maximum flow rate that it can filter per minute, and the maximum flow rate of the pool filter will give you the true indication of what horsepower you need.

For example, if you have a pool filter that has a maximum flow rate of 250 litres per minute, and you purchase a pool pump that has a flow rate of 500 litres per minute, then you will end up having to replace your pool filter too as the excess water rushing through it will damage it.

Pump Lines

The second reason why you should replace your pool pump with a similar one is the size of the pipes that the water flows through. The bigger the horsepower of the pool pump, the larger the pipes need to be to get adequate water supply through the system. If you purchase a pump that has too much power, you are going to need to replace all your pool piping as well.

Extra Power

The third reason why bigger is not better when it comes to pool pump horsepower is the cost of electricity you will be paying to run it. The stronger the horsepower, the more electricity it is going to use. However, if it is pushing out more litres per minute than your filter can handle, then you are paying for extra running costs you really don't need.

Unless you plan to replace your whole pool system, when it comes to buying a new pool pump you are best to stick to the same horsepower rating as the pump that is no longer working. Your new pool pump, however, may run a lot more efficiently and quietly than your old one thanks to advances in technology, and your pool specialist can give you more details about these features.

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