Benefits of Using a Sand Filter in Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool filters are an essential thing to have since they help to keep your pool clean. If you are having an in-ground pool built soon, you will need to choose which type of filter you want. There are three basic types, including a sand filter, cartridge filter, and DE filter. Sand filters work by using sand that takes the debris from the pool and runs it back through the pool's filtration system. Water is cleaned, then put back into the pool. This type of filter lasts a long time and has a variety of benefits. Here are some reasons to consider a sand filter.

They Are Affordable

When you have an in-ground pool built, it costs quite a big chunk of money, so it helps to save in every place you can. One good way to save money is by choosing a sand filter. Not only is it inexpensive when you first purchase it, but it lasts several years, which saves you in long-term maintenance and replacement costs. When it is time to replace it, it is easy to do since it is so affordable. This is a great option when you need to keep the pool clean, but don't want to pay the higher costs of the alternative pool filters.

Sand Filters Are Low-Maintenance

Not only are sand pool filters cheaper to replace than the other options, but it also happens to be very low-maintenance. This is great news for someone getting a new pool built who might not have the time to perform all the excessive maintenance required. Even if you are hiring a pool company to handle cleaning and maintenance for you, this is one task that won't require a lot of their time. With a sand filter, it may occasionally need to be cleaned when it gets trapped debris. This is a simple process that takes just a few minutes, which is called backwashing. This is done when the pressure is at a certain level, which the filter will tell you. You may need to re-balance the water when you backwash the filter, but that is all that is needed with the sand filter.

It is Simple to Use

Sand filters are also good for people who are new to owning a pool and keeping it clean. Sand filters are not used much except when removing dirt or debris through backwashing. When it is ready to clean it with the backwashing method, all you need to do is rotate the valve from the filter position to the backwash position, which should be clearly marked. You will then use the rinse setting after backwashing is complete. There may be a few other settings, such as recirculate or waste, but they aren't used as often.

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