Swimming Pool Features You Might Discuss With Your Contractor

Having your own swimming pool installed gives you the chance to create an outdoor oasis that is uniquely your own and that works perfectly for your property. When you meet with your contractor to discuss your options for a pool, you want to ensure that you take the time to go over everything that's available to you so you know you'll be happy with your pool for years to come. Note a few of those features you'll want to talk about when you meet with your contractor to draw up plans for your new pool.

Solar water heater

Heating the water in your pool can be very expensive, and it's not very environmentally friendly; the electricity provided by your city may be made with generators that produce a lot of emissions and fumes every month and every year. Switching to a solar hot water heater can mean reducing if not eliminating your costs for heating the pool, and solar is a clean source of energy, meaning it produces none of those harmful emissions. Talk to your contractor about installing a solar water heater for your pool, as it may be easier and cheaper to do it at the onset while the pool is being built, than trying to retrofit a solar heater after your pool is constructed.

Surface alarm

A surface alarm sounds if the alarm is engaged and anything hits the surface of the water. This type of alarm is good for homes with children and pets who may get into the pool, or if you're concerned about someone coming onto your property to use the pool without your permission. As with a solar heater, having an alarm installed when the pool is built might make it easier to choose the best type of alarm and to ensure it's working properly, rather than trying to install it after the pool is built.

Plunge pool

A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that is filled with cold water. This type of pool is often installed next to a sauna, hot tub, or even a standard swimming pool. It's used for just quick plunging; you jump in and the cold water is very invigorating, especially after soaking in a hot tub or when you're in your standard swimming pool on a very warm day. Your contractor may be able to add a plunge pool to the side of your standard pool for maximum water enjoyment.

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