Could A New Pool Help To Reduce Your Arthritis Pain?

Winter is the perfect time to get your new pool installed ready for next summer because the waiting list to have this done is not as long as during the hotter months. As someone who is noticing the flare of arthritis pain as the days get colder, a pool is also going to help with this problem in the future. Keep these points in mind when you are thinking about a new pool design for your home.

Rectangle Pool For Lengths

One of the reasons why water is so good for those with arthritis is that it supports the weight of your body. Therefore, you are not putting stress on your joints like you do when you perform high-impact exercises like running or Zumba.

The main goal of swimming is to get the blood flowing through your body. According to WebMD, cardio exercise helps to increase your pain threshold. When considering the design of your new swimming pool, choose one that is long so you can swim laps without hitting the opposite wall seconds after pushing off. A rectangle pool suits this type of exercise perfectly, and it will allow you to really stretch out your body while pulling through the water.

Heated Pool For Comfort

There are two reasons why you want to talk to your pool designer about heating options for the pool:

  1. Heated water helps to relax the muscles that are tense and inflamed around your swollen joints. Not only will this make swimming easier, but the reduced inflammation will linger after you get out of the pool.
  2. You are more likely to go swimming in the winter in a heated pool compared to a cold one. Since you want to make exercising a regular occurrence, a heated pool will encourage you to do this.

Talk to your pool designer about whether solar heating or electric heating is going to be the best option for your pool. If you want to be eco-friendly by choosing the solar heating route, your pool designer will need to keep this in mind when considering the position of the pool in your garden. Solar heating does not work well in areas where there is a lot of shade because of large trees. Your solar panels would need to be located outside of the shade zone or you will need to go electric if this is not an option.

Get talking to your local pool designer now to see how quickly you can get your pool construction underway. The faster this gets sorted, the sooner you can start seeing some relief from your arthritis pain this winter.

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